Top 7 Reasons Why We Ride…

So I did some extensive research (I asked around) and here it is – seven of the most common reasons (or misconceptions) of  “Why We Ride”…

  • Riding motorcycles has a certain Sex appeal – if this if why you ride, you’re missing the point.
  • To be a Rebel – again, if this is why you ride (and you look like this) you’re not really “getting it”.
  • Save money on Fuel – well, not really when you consider what a modern high-mileage car can get these days.
  • Run with the “Pack” – really?…not this Dude.
  • Save money on maintenance – maybe not so much, ever priced a set of good tires for a motorcycle?
  • Parking is never a problem – not true, unless there’s actually designated motorcycle parking and even then there’s the occasional ass-clown that parks their Eco-cage in it.
  • Traffic is never a problem – well sure we can keep moving when the cages come to stop, but that doesn’t mean traffic isn’t still stressful. Splitting lanes for an hour is not the Dude’s idea of a  pleasant ride.
Okay, so maybe those aren’t the top seven reasons…maybe they aren’t real reasons at all. I think the truth is we all have our reasons, and though a few may seem to be similar to other riders if we dig a little deeper we’d find each has their own very individual list. That’s because motorcycling is itself a very individualistic activity. If you had to come up with seven reasons why you ride, what would they be?…how about just one?

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